What People Say About Our Work

Hi Jim,
We don’t have power in the socket of the stove. Can you please diagnose and fix the problem so that we can operate the stove.

Hi Jim,
Thank you for providing quality electrical services.
Tariq – April 2014

Thank you Jim. This morning was very smooth. Thanks to Jason and Sean.
Patricia – April 2014

Thank you so much for your work.
P.S. I look forward to discussing future work when you are ready.
Mary-Beth – Toronto, ON – March 2014
We appreciated the excellent job and cleanup that was done by Jim and his crew.
John and Marg – Markham – March 2014
Dear Jim;
I am very sorry there was such a delay in getting your bill paid.  You worked through the holidays in bitter cold weather for which I am eternally grateful.  Thank you.
Joan – Toronto – March 2014
Jim, your team Jason and Victor did a great job today.
Thanks for the quick attention to this matter.
Best regards,
Warren – September 2013
Hi Jim, Thanks for the wonderful job installing our attic fan and ceiling fans, including the additional trip you made to reset the ceiling fan codes. We are very happy with your service and we would readily recommend your service to our friends. Great job. Attached please find our rating of your service from Homestars.
Francis & Ling Markham, Ontario – July 2013

Thanks again Jim, You guys did a great job!
I’ll be in touch when the house is ready for more!
Caroline – April 2013

We were very pleased with the work that JTL and Son Ltd. did at our home.
They installed 10 pot lights in an existing ceiling and did so without
damaging the ceiling plaster. They were quick, clean and very responsive to
our needs.

 C & B – April 2013

Hi Jim, What a wonderful experience using JTL and Sons turned out to be! I couldn’t be happier with our now safe and sound century home. The crew was always punctual and made sure to contact us with any decisions that needed to be made rather than guessing at our intentions. Jim’s quotation and final bill were fair and well detailed, and believe me I had additional quotations that came in much higher with less attention to detail. Where this team really goes above and beyond is in the small details and communication.
Specifically, there is no evidence they were even here other than new fixtures and switches, they respectfully ran wires in walls and made no holes in any of my 120 year old plaster. The team communicated more information to me regarding our home than our home inspector did which proved to be valuable history. In doing home renovations it’s nice to see that the crew hired to to the work are the ones that actually appear to do the work.
JTL is truly a family business and it was a pleasure getting to know Jim, Jason, Kyle and Victor.
Tracey – March 2011

Dear Jim: Thank you very for your sound electrical advice on New Year’s Eve.  Much appreciated.
Joel – January 2010

Tony and I want to thank you and your crew for the superior job which you recently finished on our hours. Your crew is courteous, efficient and professional.
We were expecting much more of a mess and inconvenience as we’ve heard
horror stories from others. We were also expecting holes in all the walls
and were pleasantly surprised that there was only one.
Thanks again. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
Mame – February 2011

I just wanted to let you both know how impressed I am with these young men. The are very polite, and they have made sure to clean up after themselves after each new lighting fixture has been replaced. You would never know that we have any work done in the office. I want to hire them to clean the office :o)!!!
Rosi – November 2, 2010
Thank you so much for you’re honestly and integrity, you have restored by faith in electricians.
Lori – May 2, 2008

I have used the services of JTL and Son Limited to install pot lights in my home on two occasions. I was very pleased with the quality of the work. The work was completed on time and all resulting construction mess was cleaned up. I have no hesitation in recommending JTL and Son Limited.
Mary – January 2, 1996

Thanks for doing such a good job. Also, many thanks to Ron.
Jean – August 25, 1997

Thank you for a job well done.
Tom – December 16, 1997

Thanks for your excellent, prompt, efficient service
Catherine – June 22, 1994

Thanks for your prompt service
Mrs. Ebedes – February 17, 1994

This is to thank you for visiting my house to provide a cost estimate of electrical work. I was very impressed with your knowledge and skill in correcting my faulty electric heater in the Living Room. Accordingly, please accept my sincere thanks and the enclosed cheque to express my gratitude.
Earl – March 9, 1992

Your promptness in attending to our electrical problem was very much appreciated.
Denise – August 25, 1992

Thank you for the installation of sensor light. It is working perfectly and is secured very well. I appreciate you doing this at such a busy time for you. Take care.
Dianne – September 14, 1992

Thanks for a most efficient, switch and neatly done job on the service upgrade. You’re to be complimented on your superb craftsmanship.
W.G. Hazell – January 15, 1991

I have known Jim LeMesurier for about 5 years. I first talked with him when I thought I needed an electrician; that conversation saved me several hundred dollars. Although I didn’t meet him in person at that time, I so appreciated his honestly and good will, I decided that he would have my future business. Since that time Jim has been responsible for all our electrical work, both personal and corporate. He has never disappointed my; on the contrary, he is often surprising me with cost-saving suggestions for our use of electricity. It is with pleasure that I recommend JTL and Son Limited for all your electrical needs.
Ellen – April 3, 1991

I would like to that is opportunity too tell you how very satisfied I was with your work. Under difficult weather conditions the job was completed efficiently with minimal disruption to our household. Quality of workmanship was very high and the site was left clean. Subsequent inspection by Ontario Hydro indicated that the inspector was also impressed by the quality of work. Please feel free to use my name as a reference should you wish to do so.
Willy – April 3, 1990

Just to say thanks for attending to my problem so promptly. What a difference the new box has made. I keep looking at is as if it’s a toy.
Mrs. Anderson – August 7, 1990

Sorry for waking you up. Thank you so much for responding so quickly. We appreciate it.
Sherry – September 11, 1990

Thank you for your prompt and excellent service. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who is looking for an electrician. Wishing you every success in the future.
Dr. Low – October 22, 1990

Thank you so much for the excellent job! We look forward to working with you in the future.
Elaine – November 2, 1987

JTL = cost effective, competent and pleasant – respond
“I sought 3 quotes in December 2006 to remove/replace the knob&tube wiring in my 800 sq. foot 1920’s era 2 story house w/basement. I received quotes from 2 highly regarded electrical contractors from this site. One offered me the “Gold medal” service at higher price point and the other offered me a “Bronze medal” service at a very reasonable and low price. I am confident that either Gold/Bronze could have done the job on time and on budget. But I was not satisfied – the “Gold” would have done more drywall/plaster damage, been too expensive and taken longer than I cared to wait. And the “Bronze” just seemed too good to be true – the contractor seemed too over confident with the scope of the work and low quote (though that may just come with the territory).

I called Jim from JTL Electrical out of the yellow pages. He came and walked through the whole house room by room, floor by floor, making notes on his PDA. We shared some ideas and recommendations. Jim took his notes back to his office and – after careful consideration of the job – came back with a quote a day or two later. His quote fell in the middle – about $1000 above the “Bronze” service and half the price of the “Gold”. Jim’s crew consisted of his son and one apprentice – all 3 were on site for about 85% of the duration of the job. Sometimes Jim or his son would leave to work on another job but it never jeopardized my job. They started at about 8AM on a Monday and wrapped up Friday afternoon the same week.

The work was performed competently, professionally and cost effectively. Jim created the absolute minimum amount of damage to the drywall and plaster. (When I had the dry waller come in after to repair the damage, he was shocked at how little work there was to do considering the scope of the rewiring job). Instead of moving the electrical outlets out of the baseboards and up into the drywall (creating more damage to walls/costs), he left them in the same place but with new/proper wiring. Jim even squeezed underneath the kitchen extension to perform the necessary rewiring rather than making holes in the kitchen walls. It would have been far easier and safer for him to just cut holes in the walls rather than crawling around outside/underneath the extension – especially on a cold December day. But he has a customer’s mindset and knew that his extra work would save me time and money in repairs later. Same thing in the attic where he worked diligently to do as much wiring as he could without impacting the walls. As he was doing all the wiring, Jim offered (at no extra cost) to install any and all light fixtures that I purchased. This was a huge benefit for me. It would have been so time consuming and expensive to install new lights afterwards.

My breaker panel was outdated but rather than replace it (a costly solution offered by the 2 other quoters), he offered a creative workaround that resulted in him installing a separate small additional GFCI panel to control the bedroom outlets/lights.

Rewiring creates a mess – Jim and crew were very diligent about cleaning up after each days work. He even bought me lunch the one day that I stayed at home while they worked! When it came time to total up the final bill, it came to slightly below the initial estimate. Jim also arranged for the Electrical Safety Authourity to inspect the work and to issue a certificate of approval. (This is standard procedure – though I think some contractors can also self-certify the work on behalf of ESA). I don’t think that Jim took any “shortcuts” to completing my job in such a fast time and such a good price. He has a lot of experience and some creative workarounds (and low overheads) that can save time and money. This was not an easy job at all. Jim and crew worked really hard and really long hours and earned all of their money.

I would never hesitate to use Jim again or to recommend his services to anyone. Jim and crew were all nice and pleasant. Knob and tube wiring replacement is such a common and expensive job that it makes sense to get 3 quotes. Consider adding JTL to the mix and compare their quotes and references.”
January – 2007